Monday, March 19, 2007

So Much Happening

Well, we are now four years into the so-called "War on Terror", a.k.a. the Halliburton Revenue Enhancement Initiative. Over 3200 dead American soldiers, along with deaths of the few allied troops, and tens of thousands uncounted Iraqi deaths later, and no resolution in sight. We are now deeply entrenched in a sectarian religious civil war, and a Commander-In-Chief who's only plan is stay the course. This invasion of Iraq has cost more lives than the 9/11 attacks and has lasted longer than World War II, yet there is no goal, no exit strategy and no indication any progress is being made at all toward whatever unstated goals the administration has in mind.

Closer to home, today marked the start of the Denver trial of former Qwest CEO, Joseph P. Nacchio. The government is seeking to take back over $100,000,000 that Nacchio took out of his stock options, all the while allegedly overstating the company's outlook. From a high of about $60 per share, the company was put on a path toward bankruptcy, and only narrowly escaped that fate after Joe's departure. It had to restate earnings for several of the Nacchio years, and the life savings of US West retirees and employees.

Joe, you once called the employees of US West, a company you bought out for Qwest, "clowns". Here's hoping when your expected eight-week trial is over, the clowns get the last laugh as you are hauled off to prison! This is one clown who won't be shedding any tears for you.

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