Sunday, September 09, 2007

Blue Bell & A Surprise

A sign I haven't seen for a long time

A few posts back, I mentioned how I found that Russell Stover's candy store is selling Blue Bell Ice Cream here in Colorado. So, since my hospital visit showed I didn't have a heart attack, I decided to risk it and go ahead and enjoy the yummy goodness. Indeed it was, but I had a little surprise this morning when working on the pictures I took. More on that in a moment.

They had lots of flavors available, and they were as creamy and yummy as Blue Bell always is. I decided to try 2 dips . . . one of Banana Nut and the other of Peaches & Homemade Vanilla. The picture below is how they looked after I had taken a bite or two. I had decided to run to the car and get the camera to take a picture, but not before I had eaten a bite or two. As you can see, the surface had started to melt just a little, which was fine.

Peaches & Homemade Vanilla and Banana Nut Blue Bell

Now this looks like a delectable treat, and it was. But I did alter the photo just a little bit, to show what I thought I was getting. The combination of eating outside and my running to get the camera caused me to miss something. Something I didn't notice until I was putting these pictures up on the blog this morning made me a little sick. No, it isn't the Blue Bell, but it looks like I didn't notice at the time, a little extra protein landed on the peach ice cream. I can only assume I consumed it. YIKES!

Below is the unaltered close up of what looks like a little gnat or fly of some kind stuck in the creamy goodness. Oh my! I guess I got a little extra protein. Since I didn't notice, and ate it all, maybe I should suggest the flavor of Peaches & Gnats! It didn't ruin my enjoyment when I ate the cream, so I will be back. It wasn't Russell Stover's or Blue Bell's fault. That's what I get for eating outside and not paying close enough attention. Yet another reason why I will eat inside next time.

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