Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cherry Creek Sights

Nice looking Bus Stop sign

This morning, the spousette wanted to take me to a crepe restaurant she found out about, located in the Cherry Creek North district. So, we made the trek into Denver, and while I wasn't impressed with what are reputed to be fantastic crepes, I did see a few things that caught my attention. I am sure they are very excellent crepes, but I think I just am a man of simple tastes. In any case, it was sweet of her to want me to experience them. I had one with ham, eggs, and cheddar inside. In any case, I hear the place ladles out a mean french onion soup, so I may go back again.

As usual, I brought along my trusty digicam, and managed to get a few shots of things that drew my eye. All of the photos can be seen in a larger format by clicking on them.

At the top of the page is probably the nicest looking Bus Stop sign I have ever seen. It is very artsy, colorful, and fits nicely with the neighborhood.

Close by was a mailbox like none I have ever seen. Yes, it is R2D2, ready to take your messages to the rebel forces. I felt like dropping a postcard into it saying, "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You're our only hope!"

"Funny. I don't recall ever having owned a droid."

Next up, this vintage bicycle someone had locked to a lightpost. Very nice condition, and a very earth-friendly transportation mode. Not to mention the health benefits. Segway's may be technologically cool, but when you compare someone riding one of them with someone on a bike, the Segway rider looks like a geeky dork, while the bike rider actually looks like a healthy human being.

A cool old bike!

Speaking of vintage rides, how about this? Yet another cherry '57 Chevy Bel-Air, parked along the street. This one is similar to the black one in an earlier post, but it is not the same car. It has the word "Chevrolet" over the flying "V" on the hood, as well as a front license plate. Still, what a beauty!

Wouldn't you like to drive this around town?

Finally, this has nothing do do with much of anything. I had this to drink with my crepes, and I just like the look of the label. So here it is!

Tasty & sweet!

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