Sunday, September 23, 2007

An Interesting Arachnid

Cat-Face Spider wrapping its lunch in webbing

Underneath the back deck of my son's deck is a bizarre-looking creature, known as the Cat Face Spider, so-called because it has markings resembling to some, the face of a feline. This particular spider is so accustomed to being around my son, that he can toss food into the web and the spider will come down to get it.

Today, he saw a moth had landed on his wife's shoulder, so he grabbed it and tossed it into the web of the spider. Immediately, the spider came down and injected its toxin into the moth, holding it until it gave up the fight. It then began turning the moth as it wrapped the prey in webbing strands (top photo). Once the moth was encapsulated within this silk cocoon, it hoisted the moth onto its back, and ascended back up under the deck to enjoy its meal (photo below).

While this live episode of the food chain in action was interesting, I am also glad this spider wasn't in my house. My wife would be screaming for me to kill it! Such a creature is best left outside, as far as I'm concerned.

Carrying the wrapped meal back home

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