Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mule, Donkey, Hinney, or Ass??

A donkey foal looking through the fence

Near where I live, a variety of livestock is raised. Within a mile, I can see horses, goats, sheep, American bison, and llamas, to name a few. There is one field where a small group of donkeys typically are feeding as well. Today, there was a lone foal, grazing down by the road. There was not another in sight.

Now I am calling it a donkey, and I suppose it probably is. But to tell the truth, even though I know the technical difference between a mule, hinney, donkey, etc., I am making a half-ass guess that this is a donkey (as well as a little "ass humor" to go with it...a two-fer deal for you).

This little guy was standing there by the fence, so I stopped the car to let my granddaughter take a closer look. She wanted to get out and pet it, which probably would have been fine, but she thought better of it, and so did I, not knowing if this is a friendly beast or not. We do know they are known for their big teeth, so hey, why take the chance?

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