Saturday, October 06, 2007

Back Online!

Anymore, having broadband Internet service is about the most important utility next to electricity and gas. In fact, it is more important than a home phone, although you can even get that over your broadband. So I am back online, and happy that I am.

Earlier I mentioned about teaching my sons, "If it isn't yours, don't touch it without permission". Well, the Comcast guy shows up, and there is not only no signal at my modem, there is none at the entry point, nor at the main junction box. He has to call the lineman out, as the problem is in the network.

So about an hour later, the lineman shows up. He repeats the tests here, and goes down the street to the next junction box. What does he find? Some idiot has opened it up and stolen a main line splitter. Now why would anyone do this? These are not consumer-grade splitters, but are only used on the network itself. In any case, Comcast did get it fixed, so now I have to "give props" to the guys who came out.

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