Friday, October 05, 2007

More Thoughts on an MP3 Device

Well, the decision making about a portable music player continues. Ryan left a comment on the last post that recommended another player I will definitely have to check out. I also dropped by Circuit City at lunch to check out what they have.

They did have the 8GB version of the Zen, and some nice Sony Walkman MP3 players. One had a built in FM radio with a 1.8" color screen. The other had no FM, but a 2" screen. The one with FM was $129 and the larger screen with no FM was $149. Both had only 4GB of memory with no SD card. Nice, easy to use buttons and slim, but a big compromise on space. They also had some nice Sansa units, but again, small memory space. There is no perfect device that I have yet to find. What would be nice is a version of the iPod Touch with a ton of memory, selling for about $200. Not this year!

So, what do I do? Maybe I just sit tight for now. I went ahead and bought headphones with a plug to fit the micro-mini stereo jack on my Motorola Q Smartphone and a 2GB MiniSD card. While the portable Windows Media Player in the Q has some major interface and functionality limitations, it is a cheap choice for now. Perhaps I will wait and see what the new Zunes do, or maybe the player Ryan mentioned will fit the bill. But in the meantime, the Q does have nice sound quality, and I can listen to my favorite podcasts and a few tunes on it. I will have to see what it does to the battery life, although I don't think it will be a huge power drain.

On another note, my Comcrap high speed internet died last night, so hopefully the guy can fix it when he shows up tomorrow morning. I am not feeling the Comcastic love! To quote the turtle in their commercial, Mr. Slowski . . . "And / or DUH!"

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