Saturday, October 13, 2007


Hail coming down on the driveway

It's late Saturday and the unusual weather continues. It got real noisy here all of a sudden, as hail started pounding the area, making me glad I got my car back home and safely in the garage before this came in. The picture above shows my driveway being pelted by the hailstones, as well as white streaks of them as they plummet to earth. You can also see little stones bouncing up, looking like small comets.

The hailstones are a bit larger than a large green pea. Still, the way they are pounding out there, this would not be good for any car that is caught in the storm.

As I write this, the hail continues to come in, wave after wave, separated by periods of just rain. All in all, a good evening to stay indoors tonight!

A Colorado hailstone!

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