Saturday, October 13, 2007

Little Deer

One of a trio of baby deer who live nearby - Click photo for large version

Last winter after our back to back blizzards, the deer who live around here were having a tough time of it. They were out looking for food and not finding all that much available. I haven't seen many around for several months. Then this afternoon, there were three of these little guys standing around near the end of the street. I am not a deer expert, but I think the reason these are darker than the ones I usually see, has something to do with the season.

The other two started to leave when they saw me, but this little one stood by long enough for me to snap his portrait before making his departure. I think these creatures live in the nearby woods and ravine, but come out to eat and explore. Today is overcast, cool, and rainy, so I guess they decided it was a good day to come out. They are rather cute, don't you think?

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