Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wild, Wonderful

What part of the United States was part of one of the original 13 states, yet wasn't admitted to the United States until the middle of the Civil War? Of course, the answer is the state of West Virginia. These northwestern counties formerly part of the Old Dominion, themselves seceded from Virginia after Virginia seceded from the United States. They were then admitted as the new state of West Virginia in 1863.

This beautiful and historic state recently had a contest poll to select what slogan to place on its welcome signs. The contenders were:
  • The Mountain State (used for many years)
  • Almost Heaven (from a line in the song, Take Me Home, Country Roads, by John Denver)
  • Wild, Wonderful West Virginia (used from the early 1970s through 1991)
The winner? Wild, Wonderful West Virginia. Governor Joe Manchin is going to the legislature to get the slogan enacted into law, as well as get the state to spring for $50,000 to replace the signs at the state's borders. While I like the new/old slogan, I think I would have had to vote for Almost Heaven. But hey, I live in Colorado, so it sure isn't my choice to make. Still, West Virginia is one of my favorite states for its natural beauty. I look forward to my upcoming visit there, and plan to take some pictures to post here, so check back!

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