Sunday, October 28, 2007


One of my favorite children's books is the Dr. Seuss classic, The Sneetches and Other Stories. This 1961 volume contains such terrific little morality tales as The Sneetches, Too Many Daves, Pale Green Pants, and one of my favorites, the Zax.

The Zax is about two Zaxes, one who always goes north and another who always goes south. Now, that is fine, until one day in the Prairie of Prax, the two Zaxes come face to face. Since one always goes north and the other always south, there is an impass. And since the other quality of the Zaxes is their stubborness, neither will budge an inch to the east or west to let the other pass by. Ultimately, they stood there on the Prairie of Prax while the world moved on around them. There was even a Zax bypass built to allow traffic to get around the obstinate pair.

North Going and South Going Zax on the Prairie of Prax

The point of all this is that there must be other Zaxes, or one of them finally budged or died, since as I was driving around town, I came upon their office. Yes, it is the Zax office. It is too bad it was Sunday morning, as I would have liked to go inside and find a live Zax sitting at his desk, and be able to talk to him in person!

Front door to the Zax office!

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