Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dilapidated Building

An old building that has seen better days

Despite its immense natural beauty, West Virginia is a state that has struggled economically over the years. This fact is very evident when you look at the state of disrepair of many homes. They are left with paint almost entirely gone, bare wood, broken windows, and neglect. There are beautiful old homes that have been improved and kept up, right next to ramshackle houses that may have once been very nice, but are crumbling down around their occupants.

The same is true of many agricultural outbuildings dotting the countryside. These are less of an eyesore than the homes, as these buildings don't house people. In fact, they have a picturesque quality all their own, and make interesting photographs of times gone by.

This photo's subject is a small barn or storage building standing in a field on the north side of US 50 on the west side of Grafton.

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