Thursday, November 08, 2007

Yet Another Highway Terminus

Here we are with yet another highway terminus sign. Tracing a path of just under three miles, West Virginia State Highway 279, also known as the Bridgeport Bypass, or Jerry Dove Drive, is a short highway between US 50 on its south end, and Interstate 79 on its north end. This likely ranks as one of the shortest numbered highways in the nation, but by no means the absolute shortest. I didn't notice an "END" sign at I-79, but the photo above is heading south at the junction with US 50. WV 279 is a nice, new four lane divided road for its entire length, and passes near the Harrison County Airport. New development along the road include a couple of hotels and a new Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. For motorists heading west on US 50, it is a much less congested route than taking 50 all the way to I-79.

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