Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Goofy Products Sold on TV

The nighttime TV ads for new products continue to amuse and amaze. Two of the latest "As Seen on TV" products are hitting the airwaves with a heavy rotation of spots. One looks like it might be moderately interesting, while the other appears to me to be a total crock of B.S.

The interesting one is called Tater Mitts, a product that looks like rubber gloves with the palm side being coated with an abrasive surface. One supposedly takes a potato and rubs it while wearing Tater Mitts and holding the spud under running water. Then like magic, the peeling strips right off the potato. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. But I am not willing to plunk down $19.95 to find out.

The other one that seems to me to be a load of bull, is the Baby Bee Bright System, a speaker on a belt that a pregnant woman can wear to play CDs to her fetus, and a microphone to talk to it. For only $99.95 you can have this little gem of a product. Why not just lay a speaker on your belly? The TV ads are so ridiculous that I thought this was a parody of a late night TV ad, but no, it's real alright. Maybe it's that I am a skeptic by nature, but this is proof that some people will buy any fool thing. Perhaps the Baby Bee Bright people should also remove their stock price from their website. Today's six-tenths-of-a-cent price per share doesn't lend confidence in this company. But if you want to shell out a hundred bucks to talk to a fetus in utero, knock yourself out.

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