Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tour of Downtown Grafton

Here are some more pictures from the historic town of Grafton. Sadly, Grafton is in a state of serious decline, as evidenced by the condition of its central business district. Even more sad is the fact that this is a common state of affairs in small towns across the nation, as the jobs of American workers continue to be exported to slave labor in China and other developing countries.

In any case, let's take a look at a few pictures. As always, click on them for a larger version.

This first one is the Andrews Methodist Episcopal Church, also known as the International Mothers Day Shrine. This is where Mothers Day originated, when Anna Jarvis started the holiday in honor of her own mother. Ironically, Ms. Jarvis was never a mother herself. Today, Mothers Day is celebrated in many countries, and this is where it all started.

International Mothers Day Shrine - Andrews M.E. Church

Taylor County Courthouse. Notice the doors at the top of the tower on the left. Watch your step!

Taylor County Clerk's Office inside the county courthouse

Typical brick alleyway in Grafton

An odd, hand-painted flag with 22 stars & 11 stripes in a Grafton storefront.

A signpost for every sign means a forest of posts at the corner of US 119 & US 50 in the Blueville area of Grafton.

US 119 South heading out of downtown Grafton

The US 119 shield on Main Street is long gone, but at least you still know which direction you are going.

On the south end of downtown is St. Matthias Episcopal Church.

Grafton's Post Office, built in 1913

A typical house in downtown Grafton

Watch that first step! Grafton seems to have a lot of doors with a big first step!!

A downtown law practice

A rusted bridge over the railroad tracks

An asset plaque on the bridge shows it was built in 1950. Guess they couldn't afford paint.

The Grafton B&O Station

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