Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Grafton's US 50 Drive Ins

Let's take a little tour of the drive-in fast food establishments along US 50 in Grafton. Of course, what is a fast food tour without a stop at Dairy Queen? This DQ has an old sign that is in great shape, showing an Eskimo girl in a parka, holding a cone of DQ Ice Cream. Unlike a lot of places where people eat ice cream year round, this DQ was already closed for the winter season. It would seem to me that the first half of the "Hot Eats, Cool Treats" slogan would apply all year long, but not here. It makes me wonder how the owners get by during the winter with a commercial building not producing any revenue for much of the year.

Our next picture is the other half of the Dairy Royalty, the Dairy King. The King is about a mile or less from the Queen, so maybe that is convenient for their late night frosty rendezvous. Makes me wonder if the Dairy Queen has bigger cups than the Dairy King! Yeah, it IS a bad attempt at humor.

In between them lies one of Grafton's oldest drive-ins, Biggies Hamburgers & Hot Dogs. Biggies has been around for a long time, and continues to serve both local Graftonians and hungry travelers motoring down Route 50.

Finally, we come to the T&L Oldies Diner. T&L has several locations, and this one is located beside the roadside cabin motel pictured in one of my earlier posts. In fact, the restaurant is where you rent the cottages, as noted on the banner.

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