Wednesday, November 07, 2007

End of the Road

West Virginia State Highway 310 is only about 15 miles long, and runs from a junction with US 50 in Grafton on its southern end, to a junction with US 250 in Fairmont on its northern end. About halfway between the two towns is the Valley Falls State Park, where I took the photos from a couple of posts down the page. It is a narrow, winding, mountain road for most of its journey, but passes through some very pretty scenery.

This picture is taken on 310 South at US 50. If you look closely, you will notice little marks in the lower right-hand corners of each sign. I thought the one on the 310 shield was a bullet hole at first, but when I examined the high resolution picture from my camera, I saw it is a sticker with the shape of the state of West Virginia on it, probably a WVDOT asset sticker of some sort. The other signs also have a sticker, but it appears to be different from the other one. Even at 8 megapixels, I couldn't tell what they say.

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