Monday, December 24, 2007

Flakes A'Comin' & Santa Too!

Denver 5-Day Forecast from

I mentioned in the last post that we have snow forecast for Christmas Day tomorrow. A few of the forecasts are wavering on that a bit, but it looks like we'll at least get some intermittent snow showers. The radar shows a nice storm to the west over Utah heading this way, so we can hope. I also washed my car today, so I imagine that'll mean we get more than we want!

Another pleasant thing was that today my employer let us leave early, allowing me to get a little last minute shopping done. Now time to clean the house up for our kiddos to arrive tomorrow for the fiesta.

On another note, Santa is already making his rounds, as it is already night in parts of the world. Remember, you can track Santa along with the good folks at NORAD by CLICKING HERE. You can see video of his progress at NORAD's You Tube page by CLICKING HERE.

He even has visited the International Space Station (see video below). This further proves Santa's magic, as you can hear the sleigh bells and his jolly "Ho, Ho, Ho!" in the vacuum of space!

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