Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tomorrow Night Santa Makes His Rounds

How did it get to Christmas so fast? Every year it seems that once Halloween comes, the rest of the year flies by. This year it looks like it will be the kind of Christmas that Bing Crosby would have loved, as we are expecting a nice snowfall on Tuesday.

The kids will all be coming over, and that will be the best part of the holiday for me. We will be having a very non-traditional dinner, as one of my daughters-in-law doesn't like ham or turkey, so this year we decided to have a Mexican Fiesta! Feliz Navidad! We will be having chicken enchiladas, a taco and fajita bar, Mexican rice, and a virgin Margarita punch. Sounds like a nice change of pace. Who says you have to go with the same thing every year?

Besides, I think I must be part Mexican somewhere, because whenever the lovely spouse says, "What do you want to eat?", my usual reply is, "How about Mexican?" ¡Aye, caramba! ¡Comida Mexicana es muy, muy bueno! We even bought a string of lights that looks like red chili peppers, so we will be ready.

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