Friday, December 28, 2007

Montana's Instructions for Idiots

The state of Montana, Big Sky Country, is a vast stretch of land where winters can be brutal. Getting stranded in a blizzard can be a terrifying and life-threatening experience. So, to be helpful, the state has issued Montana's Take-Along Winter Survival Handbook, available for download as a pdf file.

This is actually a survival handbook that has a lot of great tips, but on page 20, there are instructions on how to use automobile parts to save a life. The last tip says:
  • For warmth and signal, burn a tire. (Not on the car!) Release the air pressure, and use gasoline, oil, or any other means to ignite it.
Now two things here strike me as kind of dumb. First, the obvious warning to the morons of the world to not burn the tire while it is still on the car. Secondly, gasoline, oil, or any other means to ignite it? Any other means? Perhaps a pocket knife or a hubcap? Probably won't work too well.

Still, the book is a worthwhile guide to download, print, and keep in the car. Dumb warnings aside, it is a good effort.

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