Friday, December 28, 2007

Netscape Reaches the End of the Line

The current owners of the Netscape Navigator web browser announced today that the venerable product that popularized the World-Wide Web will no longer be updated or supported. The demise of the once market-leading browser is the end result of a long decline.

Based on the groundbreaking Mosaic, Netscape was a commercial version brought out by Marc Andreessen and others, and was at one time the top web browser in terms of technology and market share. Its decline started with the inclusion of Internet Explorer in Microsoft's Windows Operating System, the purchase of Netscape by America Online, and is today little more than a repackaging of Firefox, its open source progeny. Today, I don't think I know of anyone still using Netscape.

So Netscape morphs into just a web portal, with the browser itself being relegated to the annals of computing history. It was a good run.

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