Saturday, February 09, 2008

Year of the Rat

Head of a dragon

Thursday was the Chinese New Year, marking the beginning of the Year of the Rat. Today, we went to a cultural celebration of the event, featuring a talented group of dancers and musicians. There were firecrackers, dragons, drums and more. The dragons stomping and the noise of the firecrackers exploding were used in ancient Chinese culture to frighten evil spirits away and to ring in a happy and prosperous new year. Here are some pictures I took of this colorful and joyous celebration. As always, click on the photos for a larger version.

Dragon on the move

What's a Chinese New Year without a gong?

Drummers worked hard keeping the pace

A cymbal player

A dancer with a dragon head

A purple dragon makes his rounds

A young fellow shows me his dragon puppet

Boys doing what boys do with sparklers

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