Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Atlanta Signs

What does this place sell?

Monday night I landed at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson airport for a series of business meetings the following day. While it was a very short and busy trip in and out of town (just over 24 hours), I am always on the lookout for interesting things. Knowing the brevity of the journey, I didn't bring my good cameras, but as always, I had my trusty Moto-Q smart phone with me, and managed to pick up a few photos with its camera.

The photo above is the storefront for a newsstand on Concourse D in Atlanta. It seems that it probably is called "News Exchange", but with the "S" being a little larger, along with undefined spacing on the sign, and it looks like it could be "New Sex Change". Not sure if I want to go in there or not! Yikes!

The next picture was taken from the middle row of seats in a minivan that our entourage had rented, so it is not as good as I would have liked, but these signs called out to my inner road geek. The font is unusual. It doesn't look like either standard Highway Gothic or Clearview. It looks like a bold and tall version of Highway Gothic, and I have to say, I found it easier to read than either of the other two normal fonts found on Big Green Signs. Very legible!

Big Green Signs on northbound stretch of duplexed I-75 & I-85 in downtown Atlanta

While not an official sign of any type, this next one made me laugh. It was posted above the urinal in the men's room at the company we were visiting. It looks like it originally admonished you to "respect your peers", but some strategically applied white-out had changed the message.

Respect your pee and it will respect you!

Finally, there was the sign I saw on a building in Buckhead that had been similarly changed. We went by too fast for me to get a photo, but you can imagine what the Buckhead sign said!

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