Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cell Phone Picture of the Day

Unusual font for a stop sign

Stop signs have changed a lot over the years. Sometime in my childhood they went from being yellow with black letters to the current red with white letters. Red probably makes more sense, as they now match the color of stop lights.

This particular stop sign is on private property, a shopping center in Parker, Colorado, thus likely explaining the unusual typeface displayed on it. There are several just like it at this shopping center.

On another topic, today is the first day of spring, and it is a gorgeous one along the Colorado Front Range! The mountains have a fresh cap of snow from their last storm to move through, and it is sunny with just a few clouds scattered around a blue sky. The six weeks of winter predicted by Punxatawney Phil on February 2 have passed, and spring really does look like it is here. No doubt, a few more snows will pass through during the remainder of March and in April, but no worries about that. Living where we get almost 300 days of sunshine a year does have some advantages!

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