Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Couple of Random Rants

Smirkin' Joe Gets Another Round
(or "Go to Jail, Go DIRECTLY to Jail, Do not pass GO, Do not collect . . . oh....forget it!)

Former Qwest CEO, Joseph Nacchio, had his 19-count convictions overturned by the appeals court, and a new trial ordered. I guess it pays to have a defense costing tens of millions of dollars! If that had been most of us, we'd already be well into our incarceration. It is my hope that maybe a new trial will result in even harsher sentencing after yet another conviction. Now we must endure a new trial, and Qwest shareholders will be left paying much of the tab for Nacho Man's defense once again.

The Presidential Contenders - The Battle Continues

The tempest over comments by the former pastor of the church where Senator Barack Obama is a member has been addressed head-on by the candidate. It is obvious that he addressed the issue of racial tension in America, a legacy that continues to plague the nation after the legacy of slavery that ended over a century-and-a-half ago. I was impresses with how he addressed both the impressions and fears of both African-Americans and Whites. I expect this address by Mr. Obama will rank high in the history of American Presidential campaigns.

Meanwhile, I have said it before, and I'll say it again; when did Hillary get all this "experience" she claims. Her ad about the White House phone ringing at 3:00 AM is just baloney. A president has advisors available at all hours, and if you get down to it, Mr. Obama has more government experience than Hillary. Sorry, but being first lady of Arkansas and the U.S. is not experience at governing! If she gets the nod, I will most likely hold my nose and vote for her, but I sincerely hope that Senator Obama prevails.

As for the presumptive GOP nominee, Senator John McCain, I respect him for his service to the nation and for what he endured at the hands of the North Vietnamese as a P.O.W. Yet, his desire to continue the failed Bush policy of never-ending American presence in Iraq preclude my even considering him. The man who once labeled Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and their ilk as "agents of intolerance" now cozies up to the nuttiest of the nutty religious right fringe, pandering for votes...namely Rod Parsley and John Hagee. Hagee, who has compared women who work outside the home to witches is as bad as the Rev. Wright at Obama's church. Can't Jeebus keep his spokesmen under control? Guess not!

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