Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Look Me In The Eyes When You Speak to Me!

Okay, this is one of those things from the twisted minds at Disney. I was watching TV tonight, when a commercial for the Disney on Ice production of Finding Nemo came on the screen. I was sort of halfway paying attention, so when this commercial came on, it definitely caused me to do a double take. Surely the Disney folks had to know...I cannot believe the Disney folks are this dumb. I am also surprised the TV commercial made it on the air.

I went out on the web and found a few photos from the production. I guess it is a family show, after all. Something for the kids, and something for dad who has to sit through it!

Nemo's eyes are, oh, maybe 36Cs? And the large
version shows that Nemo has some serious
"camel toe" issues going on! Yikes!

Where do you stuff the dollar bills?

I never knew fish had such "perky" eyes.

Okay, now this is just over the top!

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