Thursday, March 06, 2008

Red Light Cams - Cell Phone Photo of the Day

The red light camera installation at Yosemite & Arapahoe

As I have noted before, there is a lot to like about my Motorola Q cell phone, from its ability to pull down my work and personal email, schedules, and surf the web. Of course it can make and receive phone calls too. The one feature that is a bit on the weak side is the camera. Still, since it is always in my pocket, why not feature some more of the daily sights I encounter taken with the Q?

Today's photo is a bit of a roadgeek shot. This was taken looking west down Arapahoe Road while waiting to turn onto it from northbound Yosemite in Centennial, Colorado. Cameras to automatically cite people who run through red lights are becoming more common all over the country, and the Denver metro area is no exception. There was an identical installation diagonally across the intersection. Here we can see not only two of the cameras, but also between the traffic lights is a strobe that illuminates license plates for the cameras when they snap a photo of a traffic offender.

In the distance are the Rocky Mountains and a sky full of interesting clouds.

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