Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama Denounces Wright

So, the blog entries here have been less frequent, largely because not much has been happening that I felt like writing about. Yes, there are stories in the news that are beyond belief, yet all too real. The appalling story of pubescent girls in Warren Jeffs' fundamentalist Mormon cult being given in "spiritual marriages" that are nothing but child rape shocks the rational mind, and once again points out the evil that religion does to the human mind. The news item about the depraved man in Austria who kept his own daughter as a sex slave, impregnating her seven times and burning one child that died by putting the body in the furnace of his home goes beyond what a normal person can wrap their head around. These totally repugnant and twisted news items are so foreign to how I think that I haven't felt like providing any commentary. The stories speak for themselves to the depravity that human beings are capable of committing.

So instead, I will comment on the sad state of our society when it comes to race relations. Case in point is the extreme right's continued attacks upon Senator Barack Obama. They have tried to paint him as a muslim (to quote Seinfeld, "Not that there's anything wrong with that!"), at least as far as Constitutional requirement for office. Playing upon his middle name to connect him in people's minds with Saddam Hussein, accusing him of refusing to respect the flag, and trying to pin the disgusting words of Jeremiah Wright on Mr. Obama, continue incessantly by the irrational righties. I think I have this figured out however. These objections are smokescreens.

The detractors don't want debate on the issues. They would rather work in the realm of character assassination, lies, and innuendo. The reason, in my opinion, is the fact that these objections are substitutes for the fact that these folks hold racist beliefs. The fact that Senator Obama is half African is absolutely scary to the racist crowd. They cannot maintain any credibility in today's society by laying their racism out on the table for all to see. Therefore, they substitute other spurious attacks on him to accomplish their goal of keeping Obama from gaining the White House at any cost. And shamefully, Hillary Clinton has also joined the fray in taking this card from the deck of Karl Rove. I am thoroughly disgusted.

It is clear to me that of the three remaining candidates for President, Mr. Obama is the most rational, intelligent, and statesmanlike of the bunch. I hope he can get the nomination of his party wrapped up in short order, as I believe his message of hope, change, and progress is exactly the prescription to cure what ails our nation today.

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