Thursday, May 01, 2008

That Blasted Groundhog!

Back on February 2, Punxatawney Phil, the weather forecasting groundhog, predicted 6 more weeks of Winter. So here we are 13 weeks later, the first of May, and it is snowing like crazy, the sky is gray and you cannot see very far away because of the dense snow and fog. Yesterday we had seasonal, nearly 80 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. Today it's a different story.

Since snow goes along with living in Colorado, that part in itself is not too distressing. What is bothersome is that I have carpet cleaners coming to the house in an hour or so, and they will have this mess to deal with. I suppose it will be no big deal to them, since the hose from their truck-mounted equipment will come into the house with no trouble...I just don't want them tracking snow all over the place.

This weather is supposed to last into tonight, but the ground is warm, so I doubt we will see much accumulation in the Denver metro area; however the mountains will likely see some significant amounts sticking to the ground. I am sure all of the blossoming plants around here, such as the many oriental pear trees, are getting quite confused.

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